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Getting a Friend Ordained Online

Hey guys,

New member here.  I'm getting married this summer in Hudson and we're hoping to have a friend officiate the ceremony.  There's a lot of conflicting information online and I was hoping you could help confirm a few things.

From what I understand, it's seem like a simple 2 step process.

1.) Get my friend ordained online at a place like the Universal Life Church.
2.) Obtain a wedding license from the city of Hudson.

Is that basically the process?  I've read some comments about it being illegal or scam, can anyone weigh in on this?

Lastly, we live in NYC.  Since We're getting married in Hudson, we don't have to goto the NYC City Clerk, right?  Thanks again!

Re: Getting a Friend Ordained Online

  • I'm getting married in New Rochelle (westchester county) and apparently that county does not allow anyone with an online ordination to officiate a wedding. There are some counties in NY that allow this but I was bummed to hear that Westchester County wasn't one of them. I have no idea what i'm going to do now! Not sure what county Hudson falls under but good luck :) 
  • We were married in Westchester County by a family friend who was ordained online by Universal Life Church, and it is completely LEGAL.  I called both my local and state municipalities as well as the ULC itself, and they all agreed that as long as a marriage certificate is issued (which ours was), then your marriage is legal.

    Hope this helps!
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