A7 Envelopes won't print :(

Since FI and I have awful handwriting, I was planning on printing directly onto the invite envelopes. Well, FI just installed Windows 7 on our computer, and I guess we are lacking the correct plugins or something to print a custom size, and A7 is not in the presets. I don't know what to do...ugh...FI is suggesting printing on clear labels, I really don't want to do that.

Re: A7 Envelopes won't print :(

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    Can you customize the envelope to "make" an A7 in Word? I think if you insert the length and width as a custom envelope, that may work. LMK if you need help with it.
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    We've exhausted every option that we know of. We're pretty tech savvy, so to not be able to figure this out is frustrating the both of us. I'm pretty sure it's because of the Windows 7 changeover.
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    I just used a word doc and trial & error to put the address where it needed to be. You do then have to type out each address when you print them though...I only had 6 to do as I did this for my Bridesmaid Luncheon
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    I also used a trial-by-error method with Word Document. However, I used the mail merge feature and had the program automatically populate the addresses I had in an Excel file.
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    I don't think this is a problem with your operating system.  Do you have the most current version of Word?  I have Word '07 and didn't have any trouble customizing the envelopes.  I just set the dimensions to the size of the envelope and printed it like a regular document.
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    It might be the printer software.  I know at work I use 4 different printers from the same computer, and some have the option to customize and some don't.  The "trial & error" method works with a regular sized paper though.  First figure out how the envelopes fit in your printer (like, do they sit in the middle, side, are they portrait or landscape fed?).  Then open up a Word document and print a page full of words in the size/font you want to use.  Then look at which words printed where on the sheet and how that lines up with where the paper went in.  Don't forget, even if you are printing in a big font size (16 or 20 or something), if you need just a tiny adjustment, you can insert spaces that are a smaller font size (4 or 6) to make it easier to align.  I made the mistake early of making my adjustments with one printer (B&W laser), then printing a test page with another printer (color inkjet) and everything was off!GL!
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  • I had the same problem printing addresses on A7 using Microsft Word 2007.  So when I finally got it right, I documented it here on my blog. 

  • I found this link it was the best thing. Super easy template. No problems, just typed what I needed, loaded my printer and it was all set.
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