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Questions for Wedding Band Shopping......

Hey everyone!

So tonight me and the FH are going wedding band shopping. SO EXCITED!

 What are some good questions we should be asking??

Also... what are the general price ranges? I know I want a diamond band.. hes looking for simple white gold...


Re: Questions for Wedding Band Shopping......

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    Hmmmmm, I can't really think of any questions to ask. You basically just pick out what you like and ask for the price! Maybe ask if engraving is included?

    We paid a little over $900 for our two rings - FI's is a 14K white gold simple band and my ring is also 14K white gold and was completely hand carved - Also included free engraving and they gave us an appraisal for insurance purposes as well!

    Have you decided on where you are going to look?
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    Mine is about 3/4 diamond pave platinum (tons on tiny diamonds) for about $1K and FI's is fairly simple palladium for about $700.  The men's are more expensive than you think bc they are HEAVY.

    Something to think about:  Barkmakian is having a wedding band sale (10% off) starting March 12.  If you go to the one in Nashua, you will save sales tax too.
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    Yes. We are going to the same jeweler who designed my engagement ring- Doug at Cristori Jewelers in Newton. If the price is too high we will branch out... but he did an AMAZING job on my ring and it appraised for nearly double...
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    Fun!  If you are having anything customized, find out what their time frame is for completion.  Ask if they provide an insurance appraisal, and if buying from them includes any perks--most jewelers offer complimentary services like jewelry cleaning, or checking the prongs on stones, etc.  Ask about customization if you can't quite find something that's perfect. 

    As far as prices, they can be all over the board depending on the metal used and size/quality of stones.  Make sure you tell your jeweler your budget.  You can look online at Blue Nile, Descenza, etc. to get some estimates on prices if you already know the style you want.  Also, ask about slight variations if budget is an issue: for example white gold, platinum, yellow gold, and silver all cost different amounts.  

    Another thing is to think about how hard you & the hubby will be on your rings.  Higher karat golds are softer and more prone to scratching.  18k white gold will be more "yellow" than 14k white gold, and that will be more "yellow" than platinum.

    GL and have fun! :)  Oh, and post some pics later...hee hee!
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    Thanks for all the tips!
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