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Ballroom Dance Lessons

Hello! Has anyone had any experience with Arthur Murray Dance Studio in town or Boston Ballroom Dance Center in Newton? My fiance and I really want to take lessons, neither of us were ever taught to dance and thought it would be great excersice at the same time. 
I am torn between the two places though. Arthur Murray would be convenient location, but $750 for 6 private and unlimited group classes or the Center in Newton is $450 for 5 private an 5 group or $750 for 10 private and 5 group. 

How may private lessons did you take and was it enough? Do we really need 10 private lessons? Or any other suggestions for places?

Re: Ballroom Dance Lessons

  • We didn't use either of those places so I can't help you there.  But, we did about 4 private lessons.  It definitely was not a positive experience and didn't really help us a whole lot.  I think it depends on how much rhythm you and your FI have.  Mine has two left feet and the instructor was not afraid to point that out.  
  • Look on groupon. We got a groupon for studio one in lincoln RI for for 4 group and one private for about $50 i think its valued at like $150+ SO far we've had 1 private lesson and 2 group lesons (1.5hours each) i think it has helped us just we are crunched for time to stick them in.  Ive heard arthur murray likes to try to get people to dance professionally and keep adding lessons. Any other local studios near you?
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  • I took lessons at Boston Ballroom with my fiance and LOVED it.  If you go into the studio with specific dances/songs that you want to learn you will probably find the classes more beneficial.  You can watch youtube videos to get an idea of the "type" of dance you want to do (waltz, tango, etc). 

    And yes, check groupon or a similar site.  We found a great deal for 5 private lessons. 

    Good luck! 
  • I've danced at Fred Astaire in Worcester for about 7 years and love them! It would probably be a drive for you, but it honestly is all about finding the right instructor. I would make sure to go into your first lesson with the song you want to dance too. Wear your wedding shoes to help break them in, and ask whatever studio you end up at if they have a wedding dress skirt you can wear to practice in.
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