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Happy Friday! I am getting married in October 2013 and we are still trying to figure out where we are going to get a block of rooms. Our reception is going to be in Cohasset and I am looking for any suggestions of transportation companies that have coach buses or even school buses to bring people back and forth from the hotel to the reception throughout the night. Does anyone have a company they used and had a great experience or even a bad one? I'm not sure what price range is reasonable for a coach/school bus. TIA for your help!

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  • I'm not sure on the transportation but I also got married in Cohasset.  We got married on sandy beach and our reception was at the Atlantica.  We had a block of rooms at the Cohasset Harbor Inn (right next door) and at the Nantasket Beach Resort in Hull (about a 10 min drive).  We did not provide any transportation from the hotel to the ceremony or reception.  Do you really need it?  Will a lot of your guests being staying at the room block?
  • My main concern is guests drinking/driving. I'd prefer to have some type of bus to transport guests (especially if we have a block of rooms at the Nantasket Beach Resort). Our reception is at the Red Lion Inn and we are just starting to look at where to get room blocks and the Cohasset Harbor Inn/Nantasket Beach Resort are both on our lists. We will have a decent amount of out of town guests and I believe that they will be staying at the room block. Thanks for your input!
  • I think it's a nice gesture to have transportation to / from reception / hotel especially if the majority of the guests are staying over. I would ask the hotels if they have a company that they can recommend / prefer. Most of the time, they have great companies that will work within your budget and you may even get a discount if you book through the hotel. I would start there and then if you come up empty handed, search around online.
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  • Thanks Ashleigh! It didn't even occur to me to check with the hotels to see if they have any suggestions. Thanks again!!
  • check out Local Motion in Braintree, their prices are very reasonable
  • That was on of my main concerns to, I want guests to be able to drink and have a good time at my wedding without driving. I am looking at having my wedding reception at Nantasket Beach Resort. Before labor day they require a minimum 2 night stay for guests and I hated to ask my guests to do that. So we are doing it after labor day in Septerber 2013. In addition, I wanted to see if there were any pet friendly hotels in the area... my parents rarely do anything without there dog! 
  • Krystal are you still having your reception at the nantasket beach resort? I was told the two night minimum goes into October there, have you heard differently?
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