Shuttle/Limo estimates -- average cost?

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We are getting married in April in Gloucester and everyone raves about how Pantages Transport is reasonably priced and good service (and local to Gloucester so that is a plus). Turns out they were recently purchased by MBT Worldwide, not sure if that changes things. Anyway, I emailed them, asking for a one-way limo from Rockport to Gloucester for bridal party, and then a shuttle from hotel to venue (one trip) and from venue to hotel at the end of the night. Total came to about $1025, plus tip! That is way more than I want to spend, considering total drive time will be less than an hour (venue and hotel are only 10 minutes from each other).

Any suggestions? I wanted to do the shuttle for my guests so people can feel free to booze it up, without worries of how to get to the hotel safely. Help!!!
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Re: Shuttle/Limo estimates -- average cost?

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    Limo is the next thing on my list to tackle, so I'm not really sure, but I think it seems a little bit high....are you 100% set on offering a shuttle? I know I really wanted to do one, but it would be too expensive and honestly, all our guests are adults, so they should be able to be responsible enough to figure out how to get back to the I guess it depends, but I would say you don't NEED one, but maybe try calling around other places and getting a comparison? 
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    I can't get a limo to save my life.  I am getting married on St Patrick's Day and all I need is transportation from the reception back to Boston for the night.  Nobody will book me a Limo becuase they want to save them for nights on the town.  I can get a town car but I want a Limo......GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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    I didn't have a shuttle, only a limo.  For 3 hours (limo), and then a town car to come pick us up at the end of the night and dropping us off at home it was $550 which included the tip.  I used a company in Weymouth.  
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    What company did you use in Weymouth?
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    I contacted a company in Weymouth that never returned my call. I don't need a limo all day, just to go from my venue to the hotel.....I only want a limo. I want Yo be special
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    Check out Black Tie Limo.  They have shuttles in addition to limos.  I honestly can't remember the price of the shuttle, but it was must cheaper than i expected.   They were great to work with.  They drove guests from the hotel in Danvers, to the church in Peabody, then to the reception in Topsfield.  Then at the end of the night, they drove people back to the hotel. 
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    My venue recommened Black TIe Limo. Here''s the price list they sent me for the shuttle option:
    Shuttle Options 13 Passenger Vans – $225 for a 2 hour shuttle package.***usually rented for 2 hours at the beginning of the evening and an additional 2 hours at the end***  18 Passenger Limousine Coach - $675 for a 5 hour package**the five hours can be split into 2 time increments**  33 Passenger Executive Coach - $999.00 for a 6 hour package***the 6 hours can be split into 2 time increments***  29 Passenger Mini Coach - $155.25 per hour***there is a six hour minimum on this vehicle; vehicle would remain on-site for the evening***  30 Passenger Limousine Coach - $195.00 per hour***there is a six hour minimum on this vehicle; vehicle would remain on-site for the evening***  55 Passenger Touring Coach - $202.50 per hour***there is a six hour minimum on this vehicle; vehicle would remain on-site for the evening***
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    I haven't booked a limo yet but we are using McGinn Bus Company in Lynn for a shuttle. Paying $595+tip for a 55 passenger motorcoach. They will make two trips from hotel to venue (4 miles) and two trips from venue to hotel after the reception, plus one early trip from venue to hotel about an hour before the reception ends. We are getting married in Lincoln, which is just as far from them as Gloucester, so I'm sure they could go there. Also there is no deposit and they have been very responsive and nice so far. Good luck!!
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    JB Livery in Weymouth
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