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Round House in Winter??

I'm thinking of getting married in the winter, and I'm really loving the Round House. It's so beautiful in the spring/summer, but does anyone know what it looks like in the winter???

Thanks for your advice!

Re: Round House in Winter??

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    edited December 2011
    Do you mean Round Hill House in Washingtonville? I'm getting married there next summer, it's a lovely venue! :) We went there for a food tasting in March, needless to say, the plants and flowers aren't in bloom in the cold weather and the trees are all bare, so there isn't really any outdoor foliage. But the house still looks lovely in the winter, and they have 3 different fireplaces, which makes the place super warm and cozy looking :)  If you're also having a ceremony there, in the winter they'd do the ceremony in the atrium, which is also the room that dancing will be in for the reception.
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