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Has anyone had any experience with Ivy Bakery in Canton?

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    We went and looked there, but ended up not setting up a tasting.  The place just seemed ...dusty.  And the cakes looked antiquated.  We were definitely trying to get the best bang for our buck and ended up going with Gerardo's in West Boylston.  They are a lot further west, but even after the delivery fee they are cheaper than the other places we looked (Icing on the Cake, Dessert Works, Konditor Meister).
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    Ivy's Cakes in Canton is great!  Their cakes taste really fresh and moist and their fillings are delicious!  My favorite is the strawberry bavarian cream and the chocolate fillings were great as well.  Their pricing is very reasonable and their designs are fine and just as good as many other bakeries that do wedding cakes. 
    I did do a cake tasting and although it was different and very simple we really got the chance to taste the flavors in different manners.  They don't bake a cake and give you slices of it.  They simply cut 3 slices of different flavored cakes (white, yellow and chocolate) and provide on separate dishes different types of frosting as well as fillings.  That way you can taste all of the fillings with all 3 cake types and frostings.  (Hopefully you understand what I mean!)
    I ordered a birthday cake for my daughter's quinceanera (15th birthday) and it was decorated nicely and tasted really good.
    I will be ordering from them again!  Can truly recommend them.
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    I enjoyed chatting with them at a bridal expo! Nice guy, yummy cakes, prices seemed good. I also learned that they do all the cakes for the luxury suite at Gillette, which is pretty neat.
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