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I was invited ti a wedding in a little over a month and was also invited to bring a guest.  My question is about the gift.  Obviously my guest wouldn't be giving a gift.  So do I increase the monetary amount of my gift to essentially "pay for both of us"?

Also, is it inappropriate to wear a long dress to a wedding?  Obviously dressy with heels.  I would just feel more comfortable in a long dress than showing my legs.  I wasn't sure if this was like "can't wear white".

Thank you in advance!

Re: the guest

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    The gift should be from the both of you, even if the person does not know the bride/groom. Yes you can wear a long dress.
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    The gift comes from the both of you.  If they are not family or a really close friend I base it on $75 per person.  If family or a close friend I give more.

    About the attire, I have always worn long black dresses to weddings unless I was told not to wear black.  I feel most comfortable in black long dresses as well.  I think now whenever I go to weddings there are a lot more people wearing black more than ever. 
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    I always increased the amount I give if I brought a date. You don't necessarily have to double it, but I think it should be more. 

    I think a long dress is fine as long as it isn't, like, a ballgown. Part of me would want to check if the BMs were wearing long dresses, but in the end I think it doesn't matter. 
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