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5 Days!!!

I cannot believe it, but I am down to the 5 day mark! Does any last minute bits of advice? :) 

Wanted to get some ideas on what other have put in hotel welcome bags and also what to write in a welcome letter?

Also wanted to hear what others have done with nails? I was going to do a gel french mani? Still not sure! 

Thanks so much to all that have helped me throughout the past year of planning!!! 

Re: 5 Days!!!

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    Breathe!! LOL 
    Relax and Enjoy!!!

    The best advice I got the day before was "when walking down the isle, act like no one is in the room but you and your husband to be and dont take your eyes off of him!"

    Make sure you eat! and Enjoy every min of the day and night 

    Nails - I did a french mani with a line of pic separating the white and neutral color in a diamond form with a crystal at each point (if that makes any sense) lol


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    Congrats! Best advice I can give....ENJOY YOURSELF! No matter what happens, forget the little gliches and anything else that stressed you out leading up to your day and just remember it is just that YOUR DAY! So drink, eat, dance, mingle, and just have fun! You planned it, now enjoy it!

    In regards to nails....I did a french mani and for a pedi I wore blue nail polish as my "something blue"
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    Congrats! Make sure you take some time to let the meaning of the day sink in. It all happens so fast!! I also like Midgette's advice... pretend that no one is there and just stare at your future husband! I wasn't able to do it and wish I did because I look pretty nervous in most of the pictures of me walking down the aisle!
    Congrats! Have a beautiful day!
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