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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post (seeing that I just got engaged last Thursday) and I'm hoping all of you can help a girl out.

We are thinking about an October or November wedding of next year (2013), likely Columbus Day or Veteran's Day weekend. Which means we need to try to find a venue very soon.

We are going to have a large wedding--likely around 225-250 people, mostly because my fiance comes from a huge family and there is just no getting around it.

I reallly want a unique, non-hotel wedding if at all possible. My fiance would love to have something either by the water or historic. If need be it could be a artistic location instead (a museum or something). Non-traditional is good as well. We also are interested in keeping it in Boston or Cambridge.

We have had to rule out some awesome spaces because of size (ie Exchange Conference Center and the Waterworks Museum). Others because of cost (likely the Boston Public Library). Our dream locations apparently no longer hold weddings--the JFK Libarary and the Joseph Moakley Courthouse.

We are looking at Artists for Humanity and the Cruiseport Boston but apparently with those you have to bring everything in (anyone have experience there?).

Please let me know if you have other ideas! Thanks so much.

Re: Venue Help for a Large Wedding

  • Hi!
    I'm in the same boat as you-- I'm crushed to learn about JFK library! Have you thought about hotels yet? Is there a big price difference? Love to get your thoughts on where you're finding that allows that size wedding and is near water/Boston.

  • We have not looked at hotels yet. I really am trying to find a non-hotel location if at all possible.

    The Boston Public Library can hold fairly large weddings but a) it's pricey and b) we have found that with our size we would have to have dinner in one room and dancing in another. We weren't in love with that idea. And of course---not near the water.

    We are checking out Cruiseport Boston. Does anyone have any experience with this spot? My Mom is unsure about this place because it is HUGE and a pretty raw space---you have to bring everything in. I think it's one of those spots we will have to see in person before we decide.

    Right now we are leaning towards Alden Castle. I also think the State Room can hold a large party...again not near the water.

    Harvard Club of Boston hold close to 300! It looks like a cool spot, but my fiance wasn't keen on the whole Harvard location thing (he's not from Boston, neither of us went to school at Harvard, etc etc).

    One really cool spot I found, if you are holding a summer wedding and are interested in outdoor is the Courageous Sailing Center. I would be interested if you looked into this..I'm curious about back up plans if the weather isn't that great etc. But the spot looks cool.

    Here are some other ideas:

    If you start looking at hotels with a water view please let me know what you find. That is our back up plan if need be.

    My brother had a wedding brunch reception at the Boston Harbor Hotel (his main wedding was in Hawaii) and it was lovely. Good food!
  • We're having the same size wedding, and we're using Danversport Yacht Club. Not a hotel, right on the water, and for the size it came out to be one of the chepaest. You would need their large ballroom though, and it might not be available one year out. I booked 18 months out and they told me I barely squeaked in.
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  • We're doing a harbor cruise.  Boston Harbor Cruises has two wedding ships.  One of them looks like it could accommodatea larger wedding.  You might also want to check out the Museum of Science.
  • Only 20 minutes south of Boston the Pembroke Country Club - Great venue - Very Affordable and the ballroom can easily seat 300.

  • Might be to far but Spring Valley Country Club in Sharon, MA. I got married there in August. Food was amazing! I believe the ballroom holds up to 300. 3 quarters of the room is all windows with catherdaral ceilings. We invited over 200 but ended up with 150.
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