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Hello ladies:
I am seeking some advice/assistance with my STD and invites for my April wedding.  I am inviting about 250 people and wondering what is a reasonable price to pay for both STD's and invites.  I really didn't budget a huge amount of $ (like around $500) for this just bc I thought I was going to be doing them myself.  But at this point in time I feel like I do not have the time with 2 jobs and a household to maintain! 
I am also wondering what are good vendors for invites that you have used.  I am in the Boston area and tomorrow I have 2 appointments: David's Bridal (can get 30% bc I bought my dress from them) and Emerald Invitations in Quincy (my venue has them as a preferred vendor and they are offering a $4 pp package--? no clue what I get for this price).  Do ladies have any recommendations and/or have they used the above mentioned vendors and can offer me their opinions.
We are on a tight budget so not looking to spend over $1200 on invites.  Not looking for anything fancy.
I would so appreciate the help!
Thanks so much!

Re: STD's & Wedding Invites

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    We used New England Art in Abington. They are a Birchcraft outlet and everyone gets 20% off. They have a huge selection of all different price ranges. 
    Good luck!
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    Try looking online --- you can even request paper samples and you get more bang for your buck: Vista Print, Magnet Street, Wedding Paper Divas etc.

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    Vistaprint! Sign up for their emails and you get great deals!
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    I just got my STD from Wedding Paper Divas. They periodically have sales. Plus if you have a Costco membership you get 20% off. I'm having the same number of guests and ordered 100 STD for around $200. I got magents, so they were more expensive. I haven't even thought about invitations yet
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    I put my own design together and got my cards from Very cheap and the finished product looked great. Glossy on one side, matte finish on the back.

    Word of advice on STD's if you are looking to save money then go with a standard size postcard, because you can use postcard postage, which is cheaper than first-class stamps.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks ladies for all of your helpful suggestions and ideas!  Very creative and smart!!  @Jen6862-really like your postcard idea for the STD's as it does save $ and it's simple and neat!
    Thanks again ladies!!
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    I'll add another vote for both Vista Print and Wedding Paper Divas.  Both super cute, reasonable, and consistent deals and coupons.   We ordered and printed our own invitations and I DON'T recommend it.  It took me a solid two days to tie the accent ribbons, address the envelopes, layer the invites etc.  If you can get them printed and ready to mail, it's well worth the investment!
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