Red Lion Inn-Cohasset Ma

Hey all, my Fiance and I just noticed the Red Lion Inn- and from the website and pricing, it looks great!! Anyone have reviews on it??

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    We looked at it and LOVED was just way out of our budget and also decided to have everything in CT closer to both families...Good luck!
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    Definately a beautiful and unique venue.  My friend went to a wedding there and the pictures were beautiful.

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    I had my wedding there on April 30th.  Loved the venue, loved the wedding coordination staff (Stacey adn Elizabeth).  HATED HATED HATED the inn and the innkeeper.  (so many issues with her, and she's a part owner, so she'll never be replaced).  

    I got a great deal on the venue, so I was able to afford it.  If you do decide to book a wedding there, book rooms elsewhere for your guests...  over half the rooms we had there had issues caused by the inn keepers incompetance.  
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    I'm having my wedding there next September! So far they've been great to work with and of course the venue is beautiful! 

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    We're having our wedding there next september as well! What is your date?
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    September 22!! What about you?
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    I am getting married there next Oct! I loved Helena, I am not planning on having guests stay there because of the mixed reviews about the Inn, just my parents, grandparents and the in-laws since they get a discount, everyone else will go elsewhere. What hotels are you having guests stay at? Let me know if you find a cheap shuttle service to and from the hotel please :) Im super excited the venue is beautiful. I heard the place has been under new staff the past few years when Helena was out with back problems so hence the overturn and bad reviews during that period. I know 2 people who got married there, the food was great and service unbelievable so we'll see!
  • Hi! I am having my reception at the Red Lion in August. Let me know if I can be of any help. So far, Helena, the wedding coordinator has been fantastic.
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