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Pearl River Hilton vs. the Westmount Country Club

Hey guys,


I am new to this board and recently engaged, and I need some advice about my venue.  I am from Westchester, and my fiance is from Bergen County, so we are looking at venues in both areas.  We have a large wedding of about 325 - 350 people, and I need a place that can hold us all comfortably.

My fiance and I have looked at a million venues, and we have narrowed it down to two- one is a Saturday night at the Pearl River Hilton in April 2012, and the other is a Saturday night at the Westmount Country Club in February, 2012. 

When I first saw PRH, I was in love.  I love how it is very classic, and they seeem really accomodating.  I think it is very beautiful, and I love that the wedding party can all stay over.  It felt like it would be my own private hotel for my wedding weekend.  Does anyone have an insight about the venue?  Were they accomodating?  How was the food?  Did they seem attentive to detail?  Etc- all information would be greatly appreciated.

Walking into Wetsmount Country Club was amazing.  The venue is just gorgeous, but it is the opposite of PRH.  It is not classic, but avant garde and trendy.  I heard the food is delicious, and the space is interesting and beautiful.  They also seem very attentive.  The problem is, the only time we would be able to book the venue would be in February, and I never pictured myself having a winter wedding.


I would love any advice that you have with respect to either of these venues.  Please help!!

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Re: Pearl River Hilton vs. the Westmount Country Club

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    I have the Pearl River Hilton booked for October 2011.  I loved it as soon as I was there also.  So far they have been great.  I have eaten lunch three times at the restaurant all with great meals!
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    I've never been to either, but i say go with your gut.

    Your wedding day should reflect you and your fiance. And all the elements of the day should seem like "you'

    The reception hall and time of year are VERY important elements to the day, so go with something that you love.

    Good luck!
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    I went to a wedding at Westmount. The manager kept yelling at the staff in front of the guests, and then he screamed at the photographer for trying to take photos of the bride and groom in the lobby. It was ridiculous. If you look for that online you will see reviews that state the same thing. Don''t get me wrong, it's beautiful, but they stressed my friend, the bride, out so much with this that she had a hard time enjoying the reception. 
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    I got married at the Westmount CC, although I had a much smaller group so I was in the smaller room.  I enjoyed it.  There are a LOT of bad reviews re: vendors and WCC staff.  They are a bit full of themselves and make demands on your vendors, but they were fantastic to me.  The food was great, the cocktail hour is very plentiful.  They do run 2 weddings on the same day, although they try not to overlap arrival times, etc.  I didn't notice that there was another wedding, honestly.  You would be in the larger room that has access tot he back patio and your bridal suite would be downstairs. 

    As for the Pearl River Hilton, my husband had his high school prom here so he said that was out from the first moment.  He says it is typical hotel.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
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