Harbor Room, Gloucester

My fiance and I are looking into the Harbor Room for our reception.  Does anyone have any feedback?  We're on a small budget, and don't need a place with all the extras.  Simple, clean, nice view, helpful staff...that's enough for us!  Please let me know if you have any thoughts.

Our other current prospects are Glocuester City Hall and the American Legion in Manchester.
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Re: Harbor Room, Gloucester

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    I looked at it and the space is nice and there is a space outside that is ok.  The women is really nice that we dealt with.  We didn't use the space because it was small for us.  Good luck!!
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    Thanks!  I've heard that anything over 100 is too crowded, but we're looking at about 80 so hopefully we'll fit.  How many guests did you have?
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    Well when I first started planning and looked at this it was 125 and I thought it would be way too crowded in there.(now we're have 160!)  I think you'll be fine with 80.
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  • I'm looking at the Harbor Room tonight, to host about 50 people. I would be interested to know if anyone had their wedding there, and what they thought.
  • A good friend of our family got married there. It was very nice. They got married in October so had a tent outside and had drinks inside.
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