FS: 180 Moss green napkins [PIP]

Hi - 

I have 180 Moss-colored 20-inch square napkins from my wedding for sale. They are custom-made from double sided satin / dupioni polyester material (i.e. they are machine-washable). They will arrive freshly laundered.

I paid $14.70 per dozen for them. I'm looking to sell them for $0.75 a piece. If you're interested in purchasing all 180, I would be willing to do the lot for $100.

You would pay for postage costs and I would provide packaging materials. I'd send a request for payment via paypal.

Alternatively, we could arrange for you to come pick it up on the North Shore (Saugus/Melrose area) and you would pay in cash.

Please send me an email at tamara.a.cooke at gmail dot com if you're interested.

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