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anyone know anything about

Anthony's Pier Nine? I'm looking for an all inclusive type venue and i have only been able to find anthony's and Bear mountain. anyone have any other suggestions? Anthony's was cheaper then bear mountain which is why im mentioned them first.
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Re: anyone know anything about

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    I don't know about Anthony's Pier Nine but you might want to check out The Grandview.  I am having my wedding there in November.  My parents and sister have been to a wedding there and they thought it was really nice.  Good food, beautiful place, nice outside view (on the Hudson).  It is in Poughkeepsie so I don't know how far you are from there.  Good Luck!
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    We had our reception at the Grandview, and I can't recommend it to you highly enough! However, you mentioned that you were interested in AP9 due to the price, and the Grandview is considerably more expensive than AP9, I believe.

    Another place to look at is the Poughkeepsie Grand ( Both the Grand and AP9 receive rave reviews on this board, though I have never attended a wedding at either one personally. We did stay at the Grand on our wedding night, as did many of our guests, and it was wonderful. The Grand, AP9, and the Grandview are all owned by the same people.

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    I personally wouldn't do AP9.  I had my senior prom there and it wasn't that great.  But besides that being a prom and several years ago (more than I would really like to mention) I haven't heard many great things about it.  I even ran into one of the owners nephews (coincidentally at a bridal event in Albany) and he wouldn't think of doing it there either.  

    I agree with PPs....look into the Pok Grand (that's where I'm having mine and it's super reasonable), but also look into Round HIll in Washingtonville if the proximity is better.  I don't know about prices but I've heard great things.  

    Also, one of my best friends did hers at Bear Mountain at it was awesome.  She planned her wedding in 4 weeks and they were amazing.
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    I went to a wedding at AP9 a few years ago and didn't really love it. Cocktail hour was nice but I wasn't thrilled with everything else. The bride also wasn't happy.
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    Can't say enough wonderful things about AP9.   They are great.   We went there for NYE for 8 years in a row.   They really know how to put on an event.  Their food is great, their service is great and you cannot beat the packages they offer.

     We would have had our wedding there but in 2008 they didn't have the hotel package they have now and we had a lot of OOT guests
    We had our wedding at their sister venue the Poughkeepsie Grand.  They also have wonderful packages and are fantastic!!! Our wedding was amazing.

    The Grandview is one  of their locations also but is much more $$$.  

    If you go with either AP9 or Pok Grand, you won't go wrong.

    Happy Planning!!
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    I really don't like AP9 either. I've been to a few parties and dinners there (never a wedding though) and I don't recall loving the foot. I personally don't like the decor and the Cinderella carriage outside, but that's just me. Some people love it... obviously, otherwise it wouldn't be there.
    As PP have said, the Grandview is more expensive. However, if you aren't set on a Saturday wedding, I believe a Friday night is more reasonable.
    I dreamed of having my wedding at a place like Bear Mtn. but whenever I called them, they either failed to call me back or I got different info from each person.
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    If Saturday afternoon is an option The Grandview's prices are much lower then (cheaper than Friday even).  Prices are on their website.
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    I am getting married in October at Arbor Ridge in Hopewell Junction.  They offer an all-inclusive deal for Fridays and Sundays.  It includes a sit down dinner, an open bar, a honeymoon suite in the inn, floral centerpieces, a choice of 1 of 2 DJs, a cake from Homestyle Bakery (Peekskill), and the photographers (Digital Weddings; Fishkill).  I have been happy with the vendors so far. 
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    Like a PP, my junior prom was at AP9 some years ago and even at 17 I knew that meat that was not only still moo-ing, but still grazing in the fields, was not a good thing.  I've never been to a wedding there, but I know several people who weren't very impressed with it in general.

    I did, however, go to a function at Bear Mountain Inn and thought it was really beautiful, particularly because it felt more intimate and home-like.  The food was also pretty good, from what I remember.  We didn't ultimately have our wedding there (my parents fell in love with Falkirk Estate and Country Club and were hell-bent on us having the wedding they were paying for there.  Not complaining , the place is amazing, but very expensive), but I wouldn't have minded looking into BMI a little more.

    JennaShadow, our wedding venue included a cake from Homestyle Desserts in Peekskill, too!  Try their carrot cake...your guests will be wowed (the double tempatation with chocolate and cheesecake filling is quite fantastic, too!)
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    Try looking into the Eagles Nest in Bloomingburg, NY, they are amazing. Im having my wedding there in 1 week and i have had all events there. The food is great and everything is included, open bar, cake, food, linens, and it over looks 3 states up in the mountain. I really recommend them you wint be disappointed.
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    The Links at Unionvale have several all inclusive packages now.they didn't when i got married.
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    I went there for a prom - it was nice, but I was young, and didn't know what "nice" really was. Looking back, it really was nice, for a prom. I wouldn't have a wedding here. My coworkers had their wedding here almost a year ago, and when I had gotten engaged, they told me don't bother with AP9.... the groom said that when he arrived one of the workers asked him to help set up the tables and chairs! He said, "That is what I am paying you for!" It was their wedding day, and the workers asked them to help!!!! Crazy! Then they said some of the food was cold. They had a nice wedding, but if they could do it over, they would have chosen a different venue.
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