FS: easy blue centerpieces, table numbers, goodie bags

I am looking to sell the following items from my wedding. All are listed at about 50% discounted from their original prices. I will consider any best offer as well as chip in extra misc items (ex flower petals, garlands) for any buyer.  Please email me directly instead of PM ( 

Floating Candle Bowls: used these to float orchids in water, filled with blue stones (below) as centerpieces, $5/each x 16 available = $80


Blue Stones: mix of cobalt blue & light blue oval stones and brighter blue circular stones, enough to half-fill 16 centerpieces (40 small packs as one would find at Michael's or similiar craft store), $20 total -- /> used these plus water, floating candles, and floating orchids for beautiful yet easy centerpeices!


Hotel Goodie Bags: leftover, stamped with Irish Blessing in blue ink. 14 total plus ink and stamp = $10


Table Number Frames: Filled with antique postcards (could be replaced), 50c each x 15 available = $7.50


Nicer Frames: used to display other antique postcards, instructions for photobooth, card table, guestbook (in navy print). $1.50 each x 8 available = $12 total.


More pictures available.

Re: FS: easy blue centerpieces, table numbers, goodie bags

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