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We have been trying to find a venue that will fit our needs and we are having trouble. We are planning this from out of state and it makes seeing the venues very hard. We are expecting about 120 guests and about half of the guests will be from out of town as well. The time frame we are looking for is Fall 2013 and we want a Saturday night.

We have a budget of round 10,000 for food and venue. It would be nice if we could have the ceremony in the same place as well. Due to having so many out of town guests, we would also like to be able to stay at or very near the place, but we dont want to have a reception in a chain hotel. We dont want a tented reception, it must all be inside. If we could do a bring your own beverage type thing, we would like that. Something that would really put it over the top for us would be to be able to have a campfire during the reception, so we would need an outdoor area to go to.

I know this is a bit of a hard list to accommodate, but a few of the places we have been considering are Whispering Pines Conference Center, Warren Conference Center a bit too expensive, Arrowhead Acres, Johnson and Wales Inn, and because it looks simply breathtaking, Shalin Liu at the Rockport Music Center.

Thank you for any suggestions and personal experiences with any of the above places is much appreciated.

Re: New England Venue Help

  • I've never head of any of those places you mentioned, sorry.  Once you said campfire, it made me think of Camp Kiwannee.  I believe it's in Hanson?  We went to a wedding there a couple years ago and had the most fun we've ever had at a wedding.  There's a camp building where you can get outside catering to come in.  The venue is very pretty decorated and very rustic.  After the wedding the couple had a campfire and brought smores stuff.  
  • Check out the Stonecroft Inn in Ledyard, CT. My cousin got married there. They have a beautiful garden with a gas fireplace that we used after the reception.
  • Camp Bournedale in Plymouth has a campfire outside after the reception, and there are cabins your guests can stay in..and they do a brunch the next day. Not sure its in your budgt but it sounds perfect for what you are looking for. 
  • Thanks for your replies! We are looking at all of those places you each mentioned. Really appreciate the quick responses!
  • Independence harbor in Assonet, MA is simply beautiful and you can have everything right there on there grounds. We went to a wedding last year during July and they had out of town guest and there is some hotels nearby were they stayed. It was a fun time for all.
  • The Brandford House in Groton, CT is beautiful. You can have everyting right there!
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