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BM Gifts?

What's a good price range to spend on BM gifts?

Re: BM Gifts?

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    It really depends on what you can afford.   I gave mine $100 toward their dress and then spent about $25 on 'other stuff' (pashmina, tote bag) but I had budgeted to spend that. 

    If I didn't put the $100 toward their dresses and was just buying them gifts, I probably would have spent around $50
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    I totally think it is what you can afford.

    I admit my DH and I spent more than most people...but our bridal party was filled with friends that have been our friends for at a minimum 20 years...and some as much as 40 years.  My BMs ranged from 20 years to 31 years.  I spent about 150 - 200 on each person.
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