Rehearsal Dinners at Legals Test Kitchen or Summershake

Hi All,

We are interested in doing some sort of a lobster bake/New England-style meal as our rehersal dinner. Very casual and a good time for everyone to get to know each other better.

We will very likely be inviting all out of town guests to this, which I imagine will be pretty large 50-75 is my rough estimate...could be higher I'm not sure.

Has anyone held a rehersal dinner at the Summershake in Boston or the new Legal's Test Kitchen? Do you know if they have private rooms available for this sort of thing? My Mom said she thinks the LTK has a top floor where they hold private events but she wasn't sure of cost or size.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I'm also open to other ideas of places with private rooms where we can have this type of a meal.

Re: Rehearsal Dinners at Legals Test Kitchen or Summershake

  • Do you mean the Summershack or is there a place called the Summershake?
  • Yes was a spelling error.
  • Looks like Legal's is really, really expensive for what we are looking for so that's out.

    We really love the Summershack idea but both the Cambridge and Boston location are too small for our needs (we are now thinking the rehersal dinner will be more like 80-100 people...don't even get me started!)

    So now we are thinking about having Summershack cater and we need to find a location that isn't pricey, where we can bring in food and rent the space. We really would love a spot with tables and chairs already. Any ideas? Needs to be in Boston or Cambridge.
  • Summershack does clambakes on Spectakle island in Boston Harbor. They have the tent, tables, chairs. Also Thompson Island does clambakes and should be able to do a rehearsal dinner without a problem. They have two sites on the island - the hollow which is a boat house structure near the water, or a tent. The hollow would be perfect for your size group. My daughter got married there and it was wonderful. The boat ride over is lots of fun, and then the clambake is great-lobsters etc etc. The nice thing about Thompson is that it is a non profit, ,so the profits go to a good cause. Really pretty view of the city. Both summershack and thompson island have web sites.
  • I love the summershack.  My husband and I eat at the Hingham one frequently, but have also eaten at the Boston one as well.  The food is always consistently good.  
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    You may have already decided on an option, but figured I'd mention it in case you're still looking.  I just got back from dinner/meeting with the catering coordinator at Joe's American Bar and Grille on the Waterfront in Boston.  They have a room that accomodates 80 people (though it migh get tight - we're going to be more like 50-60 hopefully) and have a lobster option, so you could try looking into that.  We're not doing lobster, but a slighlty more generic/price conscious menu, and after today's meeting I'm really excited.  Laura, our point person who recently started there, is fabulous and was really helpful in helping us narrow down timelines, details, menu so that our rehearsal dinner is really feeling like an event in and of itself.
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