Venues that let you bring in your own liquor

Hi, so I am helping a friend plan her wedding and we think the best way for her to stay on budget is to find a place where they can bring in their own liquor.  The guest list includes mostly heavy drinkers and they're concerned a consumption bar will end up being $$$$.

Capacity = 80 to 100 people
Location = anywhere within 1.5 hr of Boston (including NH and RI)
Budget = Rental fee < $1000, Food < $30 pp
Timing = Saturday night in the fall

Places that have been RULED OUT:
Exchange Hall, Acton
Stonehurst, Waltham
Glen Magna Estate, Danvers
Willowdale Estate
Topsfield Commons
Lodge at Fort Pond, Littleton
Commander's Mansion, Watertown
Codman Estate, Lincoln

Re: Venues that let you bring in your own liquor

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    The Essex Conference Center has also been ruled out.
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    Between liquir license laws, town by-laws and liability insurance, I'd think it would be highly unlikely such a place exists.
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    Venues allowing you to bring your own liquor depends on each town.  I know Topsfield allows it.

    However, I think with the rest of your "must haves", you are going to have a hard time finding a place.  Especially the Sat night for <1000.

    Most places dont allow you to do it because of insurance purposes.  And if they dont have licensed and bonded bartenders, you are going to have to pay to have them serve the alcohol.

    Also, if you are worried about the consumption bar costing too much money, just pay per person.  Almost every place I looked at did it that way.
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    Alfalfa farm in Topsfield is a winery I think it holds 75 people my friend hosted a wedding there. You have to use there wine but I'm pretty sure you can bring beer and liquor. He brought in his own catering but did a lot of DIY and kept the whole wedding @ $5000. We are getting married off season at the Black Swan. No venue fee prime rib and back stuff srimp is $34 pp and you can put a budget on open bar. Once you get to the budge they will switch over to cash bar. For off season at angelicas in Middleton the open bar the first hour was $1.50 pp they have great packages as well. Most venues the off season is from November-April. Rockport Art Association is reasonable and beautiful as well. The Holly Ghost is Peabody is reasonable price. The drinks for open bar was reasonable as well. The building outside looks industrial but the inside is absolutely beautiful. Good luck!
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    There's an italian hall, I forget what it's called, but it's something like the Italian Society of Boston, located in Brookline/Newton.  You just rent it out and can do whatever you want.  I think it costs a few hundred to rent, don't remember exactly how much, but definitely under $1k.  You get the keys and the rest is up to you - your own caterers, alchohol, etc.  They have a parking lot and street parking is available.

    It doesn't look all that great when you first walk in, but with the right decorations, it can be look quite festive.  It's popular mainly for the reason of being able to bring in your own alcohol.
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    Also - Springstep in Medford.

    You just rent the venue and bring in your own caterers, alcohol, etc.  It's a very nice venue, clean and spacious, but the rental fee is not as cheap.  I think at least $1000, but you can negotiate.
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    foxycleopatrafoxycleopatra member
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    It'll be much cheaper to have it in NH or RI.  Maybe look into renting a private home?
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    Do you have a friend with a backyard?
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    I'm planning my wedding for this July at the South Shore Natural Science Center in Norwell. It's an outdoor venue and I'm doing mostly everything myself but the price is right for the rental ($ 75/hr) and you can bring in your own alcohol "provided the host assumes liability"
    Good luck
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