limo-who should ride in it?

Hi everyone, well my original plan for the limo will not work, which was to have 2 trips to the w/just my BMs, then one w/just my Dad and I.  Now we can only do 1 trip to the church b/c of timing, so should that ride be me and the BMs, me, the BMs, and my Dad, or just my Dad and I?  It might be a little tight w/all the BMs, myself, and my Dad.  Just looking for some advice...what are you doing?  what are you thoughts?

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    I've always seen bride, father and bms.  The only time that didn't happen was when the brides and fathers took the Rolls.

    I guess it would be whatever you're comfortable with and if your bridal party would have adequate transportation as to not get all wrinkled and dirty.  That would be my only concern.  Unless, your church has an area they can change in?
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    I'd suggest you all go together.  That's what most weddings I have been in have done.  If you want to go alone with your dad, just make sure you let your BMs know so they can arrange their own transportation.

    Is the ceremony at the same place as the reception?  If not, make sure you plan for how everyone is getting to the reception site.  I was in a wedding once where the BMs/bride/FOB went to the church in the limo.  But then the bride and groom took the limo to the reception. She neglected to tell us that was the plan, so the entire wedding party got stuck at the church with no way to get the reception.  It took like 40 mins to get enough cabs to get us all over there.  It kind of sucked.  And if we'd known that was her plan, no big deal, we would have arranged rides. So just make sure you plan ahead!
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