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Photojournalism-style photography: price ranges?

I'm wondering if anyone would mind sharing the price ranges you've found for this style photography?

I'm talking with several different photographers, but I realized that I don't have a way to compare the prices I've been quoted with much of the competition. Is it possible to find a photographer whose style is more photojournalism than traditional for under 4 or 5K in this area?


Re: Photojournalism-style photography: price ranges?

  • I am using Portrait New England. They customize packages and were far less than $4000. It does depend on what you are looking for though.
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  • I used Melissa DeSchamp and I would definitely say she's more photojournalism than traditional.  I booked her last August and her prices have gone up a bit.  On her website she says for $3,100 you can get an engagement session, 2 photographers, and 8 hours of coverage on your wedding day.  I went with a higher package that included unlimited photography and an album. 

  • I'm using portrait new england as well I agree with pp about price. nice thing with portrait new england and two photo with two diff styles to get a nice mix of pictures
  • I'm using Zev Fisher who uses this sort of style... he is around $4K but I think totally worth it if you browse his portfolio!
  • Check out our phtoographer.  She's awesome and her prices start around $2k.  She has different packages and you can also customize things.  She's very flexible and easy to work with.  Highly recommend!

  • Thanks for all the responses and so quickly. I have looked at Zev Fisher's work and love it: he's booked for my date, but that is the style we were thinking.

    Anyone else who comes later: I'll check back so please keep adding any info!
  • We are going with Geneve Rege. Her packages start at $3,100 and she does mostly photojournalism, with a few traditonal shots too.
  • I'm also using Zev Fisher, but I've heard Nir Landau is also good.  Not sure of his prices, but I think he's new to the area so you might be able to get a deal. http://www.nirlandau.com/
  • john loconte from www.johnlophoto.com amazing! we used him and he was our favorite vendor. such a nice guy and great rates still

  • Shannon Sorenson! She's in CT, but she does lots of MA weddings. She's super nice to work with and everyone who sees my TTD pics are so impressed with them, but I know her wedding pics are also amazing! :)
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    My budget is a little less than yours.  Here's my photographer: JGDdesignphoto.com. I wish his website had more content but he showed us a lot in person and seems very passionate. Having our E pics in a month.

    We met with several photographers and JGD was tied with Alexandra Jarige (http://www.jarigephotography.com/) but we went with him due to cost.

    Edited: Depends how many hours, if you get a disc, esession, etc., but both those photographers have decent packages under 3500.

  • This information is really helpful. We're right in the ballpark for Boston-area pricing it seems, but a few a bit under what I've been finding are great to see as options. I really appreciate the sharing!
  • I went with Erica Ferrone. She's super nice, takes great pics, and I am so excited to work with her! For full day coverage + DVD with images: 3,900. I got a package with that and a wedding album for 4,600.
  • i absolutely loved my photographer!!! She has to be one of the nicest people I have ever met....she worked damn hard on our wedding and afterwards to make sure we were completely happy. 
    Check her out! 
    Lindsey Rae Photography
  • Hi there, we are also using Keith from berryphotos! Super nice, awesome packages! We are going to get our e-pics next week and I can't wait!
  • We had very much hoped to use Zev Fisher as we love his work, but he was booked on our date.  He directed us to:  Lisa Rigby, Shane Godfrey, and Channing Johnson as good alternatives.  Lisa runs in the $3000-$4000 range, but Channing and Shane were both able to work with us on pricing.  While she's expensive, I can also give majorly high marks to Leah Haydock.  We absolutely loved her work and she was a gem to deal with when we were looking into photographers.
  • Sara Zarrella in Rhode Island.  She shoots photojournalism style.  She calls herself a Photo Novelist.  She is on the pricier side, but totally worth it.  My engagement pictures turned out amazing and she is super easy to work with.  I can't wait for the wedding.
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  • In Response to Re: Photojournalism-style photography: price ranges?:
    [QUOTE]I went with Erica Ferrone. She's super nice, takes great pics, and I am so excited to work with her! For full day coverage + DVD with images: 3,900. I got a package with that and a wedding album for 4,600.
    Posted by bride2be062013[/QUOTE]

    Erica is our photographer too. She's awesome!! :)
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  • Take a look at Paul S. Robinson Photography, he was my BFF's photographer and he does a great job. His style is def. photojournalistic and his package pricing is reasonable too.

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