Boston Out of Town Guests

I am looking for some items to include in my guest bags, specifically I would love to include a map of Boston or an MBTA map.  I don't want to spend a lot on these, any ideas where I could get these?


Re: Boston Out of Town Guests

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    If you go to the MBTA website there should be maps on there. Save or download the images and then get some nice card stock and print at home.
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    Another option would be to contact the Boston Visitor/Travel & Tourism Office.

    They may have other information for you to provide to your guests as well.  Perhaps that may even have some discount coupons/tickets for local attractions events; that is of course if your guests will be in town for an extended period of time.


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    Check with the hotel you are referring your guests to. My hotel provided all of this for our guest bags.
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    There are also booths in the prudential center that have these maps.
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