Cigar Rollers Boston

I saw an authentic (Cuban or Dominican) at a wedding in Cambridge - mine will be in Boston. I was staying at the hotel and was not a guest of the wedding but I got a card from the concierge. has $475 cigar roller wedding packages in Boston - they are new, has anyone used them? They are a Knot sponsored vendor as well. I am Cuban and my husband is Dominican,  I like the idea of an AUTHENTIC Cigar Roller. Another poster on WC mentioned the female cigar rolling vendor that is all over these free chat boards has hidden prices, minimums and then they had a billing problem as a result after the wedding. The cigar roller I saw was CUBAN (which you would expect in a cigar roller) and had a petit, adorable daughter that he taught to roll cigars beside him.  This looks like the better option and straightforward - has anyone else seen them? I spoke with them this past week.

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