Post-private ceremony party venues + etiquette

Me and my fiance plan to get legally married after being engaged for more than a year and having a daughter together. We need to get married sooner rather than later for legal reasons and especially for our daughter, but we do want to celebrate with a reception with family and friends at some later point. Does that mean we have to have another ceremony before that reception? I feel like its pointless to do a big huge thing with another ceremony if we're already married.  Any venue ideas for a party like this? I am new to the area. 

I'm also not sure how it all works if you're throwing a party that's wedding-related, but doesn't have a ceremony before it. Do you still serve dinner? Cocktail reception? Etc...Anyone with experience with this and how it's supposed to go, feel free to let me know hahah
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Re: Post-private ceremony party venues + etiquette

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    Don't have a second ceremony.  The reception should be more like a party--no big white dress (a white cocktail dress would be appropriate), no spotlight dances, garter toss, etc.

    You could take everyone out to a restaurant or you could rent a hall (like a Knights of Columbus hall or something like that), or you could have a backyard BBQ celebration--any kind of party you want to throw.  If the party occurs during a meal time (noon-2ish or 4-7ish), I would have an actual meal for your guests.  It doesn't have to be plated or anything fancy, but it should be enough to constitute a meal.  If it's during an off-time, you can just do hors d'ouevres and desserts. 

    If you send out invitations, you can word it like "Mr. & Mrs. awbullock request the pleasure of your company at a reception celebrating their recent marriage" or something to that effect.

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