I am so stressed! My wedding is in 3 days and I have to go to the hospital tomorrow for tests due to ulcerous bleeding. It's not caused by stress though I'm sure it doesn't help. I have crohns disease and it's bad timing for flare up. I'm in a lot of pain :(  So my dr. started me on steroids which will cause weight gain (I started last wk already gained a couple of pounds) so I'm afraid I won't fit into my gown! ahhhh! Help!

Re: Crisis!

  • Why don't you call the place where you got your dress altered and explain to them what is going on. See if you can come in with the dress tomorrow and if they could possibly let it out a little. I tried on my dress 3 days before my weddin and it was too tight. The seamstress let it out a little nd it only took her about 20 mins. I'm sure they can help you if it's a little snug. Hopefully everything worlds out for you and you feel better. Have a great wedding!
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