Room block @ Royal Sonesta Cambridge

Our room block is there and we are getting ready there.  Has anyone here used them to get ready there?  If so what room did you get and how many people were there?

We booked our block months ago, but just went to look at it in person.  Saw the executive suite, which is what we booked, and it seems way too small for me and 4 bridesmaids and the moms to get ready in. I don't think there are any bigger suites available our dates (at least not from the website but have to call).  We're getting married in Oct so we have very few options at this point for a different block.

Oh, and also, the rate we got for our guests through the room block is $10 higher per night than the rate on expedia and orbitz (and we didn't get any perks for them like parking to account for it).  Is that normal?  I thought the room block rate should be less.  Has this happened to anyone else?

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    The room block thing has happened to me elsewhere, which is really unfortunate.  At the time we even called the hotel back to book directly instead of booking online where the hotel in question was a ton cheaper than the wedding rate and they still wouldn't match it.

    I would be interested in hearing your experience with all this as I'm considering booking a block of rooms there for my June wedding next year.  Did you also consider the Marlowe hotel?
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    We did consider the Marlowe, they were offering the same price per night for standard guest rooms.  I think we went with the Sonesta b/c they were willing to upgrade me to a riverview suite at no charge and the Marlowe was more expensive for a suite (at least that's what I remember, like I said this was months ago and my mom did most of the room block).

    I think we are going to call and see if they will reduce the block rate a bit.  We are at $229 (expedia is $219) and I was really hoping it would be cheaper, but I guesss Oct is a busy month in Cambridge w/ the regatta and parents weekends and stuff.

    If you want to PM me I can send you a link to my wedding website that has a list of a lot of other hotels in the area w/ some info on their amenities. Maybe save you some research.

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    I am getting married at the RS next May.  We have a block of rooms reserved and we are planning to get in the Executive Suite.   Our negotiated room rate is lower that yours, but our wedding (ceremony and reception) and brunch the morning after is being held at the hotel, which is probably why we were able to get a favorable rate.

    I would definitely contact the RS and tell them rooms are available for cheaper on Orbitz/Expedia and basically demand that they at least match that rate if not do better.  So far they have been very reasonable to work with and I think that they would help you out (depending on the terms of any contract you signed with them).

    As far as the Executive Suite, I thought it was a bit small too, but they assured me that up to 10 people had gotten ready in there, so I rolled with it.  Plus, since everything for me is at the hotel, I didn't have very much choice.  I figure if it gets too full, people can go back and forth between my suite and the Executive Suite.

    Good luck!
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    Mimmer - So you are having 2 suites then - which is the suite you got besides the executive suite?  I thought about getting an adjoining room for the night before and having someone in my fam stay there.  But I don't necessarily want them in the adjoining room that night and it would be really inconvenient to have them move.
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    slowsky, im PM'ing you now. i just got a block at sonesta and have one at the marlowe, holiday inn by lechmere, hampton inn by lechmere and marriott kendall sq. we are probably dropping at least one, if not two of those. but i have Qs for you about the sonesta...
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    I know others have already said this (and I am late getting to this post), but we also are doing the Marlowe rather than the Sonesta.  I've stayed in both hotels and think the Marlowe is head and shoulders above the Sonesta.  We also were able to get a room block with a rate of under $200 a night for our guests, and my fiance and I are staying in a suite.  We are paying for a suite, but were able to get the guest rooms for under $200 a night which was more important to us.  

    The Sonesta is lovely, but I have found the service and quality at the Marlowe to be a bit higher.  
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