Photographer In Boston Area For Engagement Photos

Looking for a good photographer in the Boston area to do our engagement shoot. Would love to keep the cost down to below $300. Thank you for your suggestions - we don't want to book one without recommendations.

Re: Photographer In Boston Area For Engagement Photos

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    We had an wonderful photographer do our engagment photos.  The are amazing!  Elizabeth Wertz.  We paid $300 for them, 2 hour session.  Sometime when we're back in Boston I want my husband and I to have another shoot with her.  Here's a link to her blog.

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  • Daria Rindone with Gallery house photography, if you want unique stunning pictures she is by far the best photographer!!!!!
  • Check out He does an amazing job with engagement photos and weddings!
  • Our photographer included it in our package so i'm not sure how much it costs, but she's so crazy talented and DEFINITELY worth looking into! We loved working with her and our e-pics and wedding pictures came out AMAZING.

    Her name is Amber Shomo with forevercandid photography...

    That being said, I highly recommend doing your e-pics with whatever photographer you use for your wedding. My husband and I don't like to get our pictures taken, and we were a bit nervous for our e-pics. But doing our e-pics with Amber before the wedding was a great way to get comfortable with her and get to know her a little better, and so our wedding pictures came out awesome with us being more comfortable in front of the camera and with our photographer. Goodluck! :)
  • Definitely reach out to Zev Fisher:

    Zev was our top choice for our wedding, but was unfortunately booked.  He did our friends' wedding and engagement shots.  You absolutely won't find anyone better!
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