Reception vendor that allows food trucks?

I'm looking for a reception site that would be open to having food trucks on the property. Anyone know of sites within an hour of Boston? Has anyone done this before? 

Our guest list is between 150-180 and our tentative date is October 4, 2014. 

Re: Reception vendor that allows food trucks?

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    I had a great suggestion - until you said October.

    We used the Old Town Hall in Salem that has a great courtyard around it, unfortunately in October, it is reserved for vendors for the Haunted Happenings events.

    If you move your wedding to the week prior, so it was September, you might have better luck, but I know how it is when you have your heart set on a date.

    PS - I know this wasn't helpful.  Sorry.


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    You could try looking into some of the venues that you bring in all kinds of rentals; like the aquarium, the uss constitution, the old state house (not sure # of people for some of these!). A few other properties might be OK with food trucks as long as dinner was also served...
  • I would suggest looking into a site that does not have their own caterer. There are plenty of halls/museums that you have bring in an outside caterer so those places should allow it.
  • It's a great idea and really unique, but my concern would be the weather.
    What would you do if it rains?
  • Try the Smith Barn in Peabody, MA
  • The Pierce House, Lincoln, MA where I'm getting married lets you use your own caterers, so I would think food trucks are ok.
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