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Hi everyone! My fiance and I are using Get Down Tonight Entertainment for the DJ at our wedding (it's a package deal w/our reception site) and we've narrowed it down to 3 DJs. Has ANYONE ever used or heard anything about these DJs: Russ Sheehan, Jeff Stone, or Shaun Yelle? I've searched for reviews online but haven't really come up w/much. We appreciate your help!! Bonnie & Brian

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    We also considered sister used Shaun Yelle. He was ok. Not sure about Jeff Stone but we were going to consider using Russ Sheehan but then my sis told me her friend used him for her wedding. Overall Russ was good, just forgot to play certain songs, off on timing a little...but that stuff could happen with any  DJ I suppose. We are strongly considering DJ Ramu and the Crew or Peter Diozzi. Good luck!
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    My sister used Shaun Yelle and he was awful. I also went to a recent wedding recently who used Rick Bowie and I was nearly as unimpressed with him. I had serious issues with communication with GDTE and decided to go elsewhere for my own wedding. I did go to a wedding that used Dean Michael and he was amazing. We had planned to use him.
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