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Post-Wedding Brunch

We've been talking about whether or not to do this, and while it sounds nice, it also sounds like it would be a pretty expensive proposition to feed all of our out of town guests for another meal.  It'd be great to hear about how many people are planning a brunch, and how to be more cost-effective in planning it.

Re: Post-Wedding Brunch

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    We had a post wedding brunch.  We invited about 50-60 ppl, and I think about 20-25 ppl showed up.  We had it at a restaurant & basically just had people order off a slightly pared down version of the regular restaurant breakfast/brunch menu.  It only cost us about $10-15pp.  It was really nice for us bc we wanted to spend as much time with my family members from out of town as we could before they all flew home.  If you can swing it, I definitely recommend it!
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    we did this at well for all the guests who stayed at the hotel we were at (and a couple others at a nearby hotel). I think it was a great idea and totally worth it. My only complaint is that about 40 people RSVP'd (and we paid for them) and only about 30 showed up. But- i would still do it again. It was GREAT seeing everyone in the morning. It was very intimate and a nice extra thank you for our guests...

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    We cant afford it. But if we could we would do it. I went to one for one of my friends wedding and it was just so nice. 
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    In my experience as an out of town wedding guest, I think brunch is really nice.  I'd prefer --again, a guest-- to have less food at dinner (eg skip the carving stations or ice sculpture or second wedding cake and/or dessert table) and have a brunch instead the next morning.  Not sure what your guest list looks like, but we had like 90% out of town guests, and we ended up with 40 people or so at brunch. We paid something like $15 per person and I'm sure with the right research you could do it for a lot less.

    It is also helpful because you can spend more time with all the people that came to the wedding--- which you will wish you had done!!
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