To preserve or not to preserve

My seamstress has told me not to have the dress preserved.  She said just have it cleaned and then store it in a garment bag (non-plastic).  Anyone heard about not preserving their dress?  Thank you.

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    I haven't heard anything from anyone official, but I don't think I'm going to preserve my dress.  From what I've heard about preserving a dress, it can be a rip-off.  Once a company has placed your dress in one of the preservation boxes, you can't take it out of the box or you will void your contract.  So you never actually know if your dress was cleaned or not, and if you do ever take it out of the box (for your daughter or whatever reason) and find that it was not cleaned, you can't get any legal retribution because you've voided the contract. 
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    I had mine preserved...and I wish I haden't.  I would love to do a photo shoot with it now, but feel like I shouldn't open it because it is preserved.  Save your $200.00!!!  I felt like it was pointless!
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    imy mother is really pushing for me to perserve mine...hers completely fell apart and she really wished she had it, so I could at least make my pillow out of the fabric or something....i really don't care either way, so I will probably preserve it for her :)
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