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New York-Hudson Valley

Your favors....

For those married already ...
In terms of your favors did you give one favor per couple or one per each guest.....can you tell me how much yous pent and what your favor was?

For those in the planning process
What are your ideas for your favors or if you did order them what did you go for and if you don't mind saying how much you spent?

I'm trying to figure out my budget parameters should be ...I was going w/ an "edible" favor....chocolates but doing that you can't give one per couple it has to be for each guest and my head exploded when I figured the price out!

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Re: Your favors....

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    I was all DIY about my favors orginally, however after calculating costs and my time, I nixed that. A good friend of mine and my FI's was in a bad accident last year and suffered TBI, he is currently rehabilitating in a nursing home. His family set up an online account to donate towards his medical costs. So we are making a donation per person for that and then I am ordering (free) business cards from VistaPrint for with website info to encourage our guests to donate more if they would like. We are also making a donation to the American Cancer Society because many of our family members have been affected and our survivors! There info will be on card too.

    To me I would rather save the time and put the money towards something important to make a difference. Friends of mine did that with the animal shelter they had gotten their dog from last year.

    My FI is also a homebrewer, so he is making beer also as a favor for most of his buddies.

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    It totally depends on the favor. Something like candy should be one per person, but the bud vases we gave out were one per couple.

    ETA: I forgot to add: our bud vases were about $5 each, plus the wrapping paper and ribbon. We also gave out small boxes of jelly beans to each guest. That was maybe another $2 per person IIRC.

    If you're interested in doing chocolates, a friend of mine ordered truffles from truffletrolley.com and they really aren't that expensive
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  • MidgetteMidgette member
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    We did one per couple because we did oil and vinegar bottles with holders.

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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_new-york-hudson-valley_favors?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:113Discussion:f1989f4f-4291-43c7-84dc-d520bbe954f7Post:4a2ba12a-a808-428e-a6bb-2f00734d3d84">Your favors....</a>:
    [QUOTE]For those married already ... In terms of your favors did you give one favor per couple or one per each guest.....can you tell me how much yous pent and what your favor was? Posted by MYLOVE315[/QUOTE]

    We did 1 per guest... our favors were CDs we made with a mix of songs from all generations (and we gave our BP different CDs of songs we dedicated to each person in the wedding), a candy buffet, and luggage tags (served as placecards). If you do edible, it should probably be 1 pp, but if it's something like a photo frame or another object, you can definitely do 1 per couple.
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  • MYLOVE315MYLOVE315 member
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    Wow you guys had really nice different favors! I love all your ideas!

    Tell me if you think I'm nuts? ....
    I found this cool idea of having dark chocolate and white chocolate as place cards and and on they back there will be an adhesive foil thanking everyone for sharing our day with us..... my thought was it would look kind of cool when everyone goes to find out where their sitting that they are actual chocolate place cards/doubling as a favor Kiss

    The caveat is...My FI and I will have to get our tables together ASAP once we get our responses back because the chocolates are made to order...With them being "place cards" we have to get our act together fast since  the choclatier needs at least 2wks in advance.

    Our responses aren't due back til April 5th...My wedding is May 7th - do ya think I'm cutting it close & adding way too much stress on myself? Should I just go w/ a basic paper place card and just do normal chocolates as a favor?

    When you did your seating for your reception did it take long? I'm afraid it will be difficult for me as I have more people on my side then my FI. So basically we're going to have to combine sides. I don't know how that's gonna work out but that is the plan as of now.

    As always I appreciate the guidance and input.
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    For those married already ...
    In terms of your favors did you give one favor per couple or one per each guest.....can you tell me how much yous pent and what your favor was?

    We had 3 favors.  We did engraved silver bells which also doubled as our place card holders. Those we did one per couple.
    At each place setting we also had a box of wooden matches, engraved with our names/ wedding date and also each place setting had a tin of NY Yankees M&Ms.
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    Our seating didn't take that long.  We kind of were doing it all along knowing that we'd have to make some modifications once the final tally was in.  We just layed all the cards out on the floor and pu the cards in groups of who we thought would make the most sense. maybe it took an hour.

    My girlfriend did cellophane bags of chocolate and the tag on the bag also had your name and  table # on it.
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    We are doing mini wine bottles with custom labels. One per person since they are only about a glass' worth. We are spending less than $2 a person.
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    we did one per person b/c we did gift bags filled with,Hershey bars,mini wine bottles,wedding mints,lotto tickets & a little card.The gift bags were about $5.68 each.

    then i did a candy station,and i placed a yellow scented rose on everyones chair as a little favor for the ceremony..

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    We did individual favors (and a donation as well)

    For our favors we did a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. # per person tied with ribbon that matched our colors. After the box, tissue paper, ribbon and chocolate it came to just under $2 per person. (Had I used the included ribbon, it would have cut the cost to $1.50 each! But I wanted to match our colors. lol!)
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    i think im doing frames for the place card holders that they can keep....1 per couple...and mini boxes of jordan almonds will be on the tables to take too.
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    we did frames for the place card holders too and then had chocolate lollipops on the table one for each person.
  • mockninemocknine member
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    We did a candy buffet.  I found chinese takeout boxes in our color and I designed a label with our monogram on it and glued them to the boxes.  Originally I was going to do the boxes on the table with chocolates in them, but when I decided to do the candy buffet, and I was able to have the best of both worlds!  Pretty much every person walked out with one or more box filled.  

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