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We're getting married at Cruiseport Gloucester and I was hoping another Cruiseport bride could help me out.

We're doing a lot of DIY stuff.  When does Cruiseport let you drop things off?  The day before?  Two days before?  I've been assuming that they will let us keep everything there until the day after the wedding, but it just occurred to me that maybe they do not.  Our wedding is on a Saturday- can we pick up our things on Sunday?

Also, our florist will be coming from NH- I'm not sure if he will be coming the very next day to pick up the vases... would that be a problem?  I know that no florist would come for the vases that very night, but I don't know how long they will want to hold on to the vases.

Gahhh it would be a nightmare to spend hours after the wedding bringing everything back the hotel!  We have menus, table numbers, lamps, card box, ceremony items, seating charts, photo collages, etc.

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Re: Cruiseport questions

  • I'm sure you would be able to pick everything up the next day. We're doing ours there in December. It never occured to me that venues would make you schlep everything home that night..does that actually happen? I would just call or email your coordinator to ask...
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