has anyone done recipe cards with shower invites?

Hello...yet another shower question.  I am MOH throwing a bridal shower.  It doesn't really have a theme except colors and a little "bling" that the bride likes.  One of the bridesmaids suggested we put index cards in with the shower invites and ask guests to bring a recipe with them.  I think it's a really nice idea especially as the bride and groom are in the process of buying a new house and the groom is portuguese so I'm sure they would both appreciate some family recipes.  Questions: 1) if you were a guest would you feel annoyed with this and/or obligated to do it? 2) is this ok to do since we don't really have a kitchen/food/house theme? 3) what wording did you use to ask guests to participate?

Thanks so much in advance and sorry it's so long!

Re: has anyone done recipe cards with shower invites?

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    My shower guests did this for me, and then the hosts compiled it all into a recipe book.  I thought it was great!  I'm pretty sure everyone (happily) participated, and I would certainly not be annoyed if I was asked to do this as a guest.

    I'm not 100% sure on the wording that was used, but I think it was something along the lines of "Please write your favorite recipe on this card to help the soon-to-be-newlyweds start their own recipe collection."  The invitation also mentioned that I am a vegetarian and that my husband is a big meat lover, so either type of recipe would be welcome.  I just got my completed recipe book when I was home for Christmas and I can't wait to try some of them out!
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    not sure how to answer your questions since I didn't do the planning - but they did this for my shower and I love the recipe book!
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    I did this for my sisters shower, it came out great! I actually bought a personalized recipe card holder (i think from and cards and they were really cute. We also while she was opening all of the gifts pulled the cards out of basket and whoevers we picked recieved a prize.
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    My mom and BMs are doing this for my shower.  They actually ordered recipe cards that match the invite.  I can ask where they got them if it's something you're interested in.
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    We did this for my cousins. I made up the recipe card so it was personalized and then we actually put them in a photo album because the cards fit perfectly. We just printed up little strips of paper to add to the inside that asked them to please put their favorite recipe for them to enjoy - it was great! Definitely easy thing to make up and have printed and cut, or even do it yourself!
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    I did this last year for my best friend's wedding. I ordered the invitation's and cards attached and then put a little piece of paper in each invitation that said a poem something like this
    "enclosed you will find a recipe card to fill it out it shouldn't be hard. Breakfast lunch or dinner for two every time (brides name) cook's she will think if you!

    People loved it. I gave out kitchen gadgets as favors with a poem on a recipe card attached "recipe for a happy marriage". You can find it on line!  a little cheesy but I am so cheesy. I was really nice!
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    I have been dying to distribute this link ever since I found it on wedding bee:

    I LOVED these recipe shower invites. haha.  :)  Good luck!!
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    My friend's BM's did thsi for her shower, and it said somethign about a recipe for a happy marriage or soemthing like that.  I may still have the invite. I thought it was really cute, and did not feel obligated to do it at all, but I love to cook and happily submitted 3 recipes :)
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    We did this for my cousin's shower. Basically we included a seperate insert that matched the inivitation asking people to email or mail their favorite recipe. My aunt ended up compiling all of the recipes and made recipe books for all the women that attended the shower. We had a kitchen theme, so it was perfect. However, I still think that you can do it without having a "theme".

    I will tell you that I LOVE the recipe book- since the shower was for my cousin I got lots of family recipes. Yum!

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    It is absolutely fine to do this when worded lightly, like it is a fun game.
    The point of the shower is to help set up newlyweds in their new life together so it is appropriate even without a specific food theme.

    My bridesmaids organized this for me and it was awesome. They used Vineyard Vines recipe cards since I was getting married on the Vineyard. SO cute.
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    not sure if you have seen this already but i just discovered the tastebook website yesterday!

    you can put together a custom hard cover recipe book and put different messages and pictures in it. i was thinking of having people email me recipes before my cousin's shower and then putting this together and giving it to her that day. 
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    When my MOH got married we did that....It was a FANTASTIC idea.  the guests had fun with it and then the bride guessed who wrote out the recipes.
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