Wedding Fundraising Ideas

Hey ladies!

My fianc and I are planning, like the rest of you guys but we need to find some way to get some extra cash. He just started working again because he works in schools and the school year just started and I just began a new job as a substitute teacher, so only when positions are open, I can work.

We have a year to get some extra money because our wedding is in September. Is there anything that you guys are doing to make some extra money, or anything you've heard? Please let me know because we are really trying to make our dreams come true. Thanks!

Re: Wedding Fundraising Ideas

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    try nannying!  it's great pretty easy money.  put a profile on!
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  • Seconded; my babysitting checks go right into a separate account for the wedding.
  • I waitressed two days a week (second job) for a year. All the money went straight into the bank, I managed to save a really large sum up. 
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  • I babysat and made about $100 a week for an entire year. It really helped!
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