band or dj?

Hi! I am having trouble deciding between a band or a dj.  I don't know if the extra cost difference is worth it for a band or not.  To be honest, I haven't seen many bands who were great so far that were in my 4,000 price.  So, do you think a top quality DJ is better then a mediorre band?  I want an elegant wedding so I'm worried a DJ will tone the elegance down?  Please help. 

Re: band or dj?

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    $4,000 is quite a budget for a band or dj.  As for elegance, I don't know as a dj would tone it down.  A band on the other hand could.  You have a wider variety with a dj too, and your dj can adjust music to your wedding guests as the night goes on.  GL
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    I couldn't decide either, so we are doing a jazz band during the cocktail hour and dinner, and a dj for the dancing part of the reception. You don't have to pay either for the full time, in my case we didnt, so it worked out to be pretty cost effective. 
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