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Just wondering if anyone has had their wedding here, or attended as a guest. The place is absolutely beautiful and we love love love everything about it. I've read past reviews stating that the food is amazing, but my concern is: was there enough?? FI and I are trying to stay away from the whole cookie cutter wedding factory thing, but we don't want to disappoint our guests who may be expecting to see as much food as you normally do at most big, obnoxious weddings. While we understand it's more about the quality than the quantity at this place, we fear our family and friends might be starving by the time we get there, only to arrive to a sparse cocktail hour. Any info, including which package you used, would be greatly appreciated!!
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    My husband and i just had our wedding at the Highlands in July and we loved everything about it. I had the same concern and it defintely was not a problem. We weren't at the cocktail hour, but our guest told us and continue to tell us that the food tasted great and there was tons of it. One friend even said there was so much he didn't get a chance to taste everything. Everyone also remarked on how quickly they refilled food so that you were never waiting or wanting.
    The dinner portions were large too. We offered filet mignon and it was a really nice size steak.
    I would say not to worry, that you will all leave full. I really don't think you could go wrong with the Highlands in any regard.
    Good luck!
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    Hi! We didn't have our reception at the Highlands, but I did look there. Where we had our wedding our package was smaller than the gigantic ones offered at some catering halls mentioned here.

    Our catering halls' package included:

    10 passed and 4 displayed items.

    Because soooooo many people on here talk about how much food they get at their venues, and because some places that I looked offered more items in their package, we went over how many things we were getting and compared it to other places.

    And after realizing that the 10 passed items was quite a bit, it was the (only) four displayed that kind of bothered me.

    So after talking with DH (then- FI), and my parents, we opted to add two items to the displayed items.

    So we planned on 6 displayed and 10 passed. We lucked out because our venue included an additional one on the day of! so it was a nice surprise!

    We ended up with 7 displayed and 10 passed items. But we went over the offerings with a fine tooth comb to make sure that everyone could find something to eat. Not sure if that helps, but as long as you have a wide variety of foods you should be fine.


    (And most catering halls refill thetrays when they run out, so even if the guests don't have as many choices to select from, there should still be more than enough food.)

    Good luck!

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