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I am looking for a wedding photography whose style is more classic. I like very clear, focused pictures, but also ones that have a romantic feel to them. 
I am not into modern photography. 

Any suggestions for photographers?

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  • Well I am willing to pay for photography. It's one of my top priorities for the wedding. So at this point, I am more concerned about quality. 
  • Check out my photographer: Melissa DeSchamp
  • 1026 Photography with Kerri she does an amazing job at capturing photos in the moment
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  • My husband and I worked with Person + Killian.
  • Highly recommend our photographer.  I think the style is exactly what you have in mind.  She's great to work with - nice, personable, flexible, will actually listen to you.
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    Kelly Dillon Photography! She is amazing!


    If you have the budget for his work, I think he's the best...willing to work with the style preferences of the clients

  • Highly recommend who we used, Scott Metzger.  Review in bio if you're interested.  Unfortunately I think the links to our slideshow and album proof are down since we got married so long ago, though :(
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  • Hi,

    I used Molly Anne Photography for boudoir and TTD (unfotunately not available for my wedding day-friend of the family did my photos) she is amazing.  She has done a few friends weddings too.  Here is her blog site.

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  • I recommend Portrait new england Bill and Naome will work within your budget ang get everything you are looking for.  I love that its 2 photographers so they are able to get multiple angles.  They are very quick to answer any questions or anything.  Goood luck
  • Eeyore...not sure if you'll check back. But, Scott switched servers and so a lot of his slideshows were taken offline. I emailed him to ask about ours and he put it back up right away. I'd just let him know and he should be able to help you!

    Having said that, I second the Scott Metzger recommendation. He does an incredible job and is a pleasure to work with.
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    We are going to be using Erica Ferrone:

    If you look through her "blog" you can see how beautiful her pictures are. Good luck!
  • Pizzuti Studios! They do beautiful work. They are also very flexible about style.
  • Shawn Black Photo does an amazing job and he was really a help on the day of.  He did my friends wedding and really made all of feel so comfortable.
  • We used two different photographers.  For our wedding we used Nystedt Photography, and for our Post-wedding Brunch and Trash the Dress we used Shannon Sorensen Photography.  We loved ALL of our photos.

    I'm not sure what you mean by old-fashioned versus modern photography styles, but I feel like photography is such a personal thing, the best thing to do is put in the time and look at a lot of portfolios. 

    I think we (my husband and I) looked at about 50-60 different "knottie recommended" photographer sites when we first got engaged and were "meh" about most of them.  We met with Daniel in person and he brought a HUGE pile of albums and examples of wedding photography he had done.  We both loved his style, and were very happy with how our wedding photos came out. 
    (some of our pics are on our wedding site:

    Shannon only started her photography business a couple months before we got married (we had booked Daniel more than a year before our wedding)...but she had such a fun, classic style, we wanted to work with her (and help her build her portfolio).  She photographed my family and friends with candid shots at our brunch the morning after our wedding, and then about a month later she photographed us for our Trash the Dress on a sweltering July day at Green Animals topiary garden in Rhode Island.  The pics are so romantic and playful; we had a blast! 
    Shannon photographed a former coworker of mine's wedding this past fall and did an AMAZING job.  She has tons of pics on her blog (there's a link from her site).

    I loved my friend's friend's wedding photos, too.  She had them done by Carla Ten Eyck:
    (it's the album jack + alicia)

    Like I said, put in the time to do your own research, and you won't be disappointed (I know one couple who just looked around for the cheapest photographer they could find and they ended up hating most of their photos--so sad!!)

    Good Luck!  :)
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