rsvp cards - i'm freaking out!

Okay, maybe not totally freaking out . . . maybe just a little.  We sent out our invites about 3-4 weeks ago asked for our RSVP cards to be returned by October 10.  We still haven't received about half of them!  Did this happen to other folks?  Did you get a ton at the deadline?  How many people on average did you have to follow-up with?  I know everything will be fine, I'm just dreading e-mailing/calling 20+ slacker guests :)

Re: rsvp cards - i'm freaking out!

  • People will be late. Unfortunately, seems like we waited a good week an half after our deadline to start asking people. Some people believe thats the day to put it in the mail. I texted a few cousins and people i was close with few days after the deadline to make sure they got it. Which then lead to a bunch oh i forgot, ill send it oor i lost the thing on the counter buried. Take a breathe. It will be fine.
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  • you still have time. Some people always wait until the last minute. In my case though the majority came in right away then after about a week or 2 they were just trickling in. I allowed for 1 week after the RSVP date before I started calling people. There was probably only about 5-10 people that needed to be called. Most people know the drill.
  • I'm in the same boat - 10/10 rsvp date and we're still waiting to hear from 1/3 of the guests, about 30 invites.  I only left a week and a half before I have to give a headcount to the venue, so I will prob start contacting folks on 10/10!  
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