Rehearsal Dinner--ideas for around Groton, MA?

Hi all! So I decided to officially move forward with the Barn at Gibbet Hill for my venue. I'm pretty happy about it! What I'm not super thrilled about is their quoted rehearsal dinner cost...a minimum of $1,200 for food. This seems a bit high to me. Anyone know of any great places to go in the area other than Nashoba Valley Winery? Thanks!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner--ideas for around Groton, MA?

  • Hi -

    Not sure when you're getting married - but you could try these places:

    Lyceum - In Groton, but might be just as expensive as Gibbett Hill

    If you are having your wedding in the summer, it might be fun to have rehearsal dinner at Kimballs.  They have lots to do and entertain.  You all could do the bumper boats! 8)

    If you're looking for a beautiful spot, you could try Fruitlands  in Harvard. Again, it could be expensive for dinner.

    I've heard good things about the Mango Grill in Ayer. They can accommodate groups. 

  • We had our rehearsal dinner at Papparazzi in Concord (just down route 2).  We had a private room; it was great - and reasonable, too.
  • Depending on how many people in your party, there is a really nice Asian restaurant in Westford called Bamboo.  For more of a casual option, there's Bailey's in Townsend.  I've never been, but my parents go there often. 
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    TammieMarie Papa Razzi looks great, but it has a $1250 minimum for food and beverage. Did you experience something different?

    Osterizer Thanks for the suggestion! My family isn't a huge fan of asian cuisine (although I love it!) so I'd have to pass on that one. 

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    Try the Westford Grille,! It is about 15 minutes away from the barn. They have really nice private rooms with its own bar. Good luck!
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    Did you not like the winery? We had ours there and the food was really good!! Also, look to Nashua for other restaurants. Chelmsford has Moonstones (they have great food! Small and large tapas type plates with awesome drinks! Went there on my first date with my husband) which is another cool place that has a function room (the function room is really nice-modern/fun), also Fishbones in Chelmsford Center may accomodate. These places are no more than 20 min away btw. I grew up in Chelmsford and obviously live in Groton as you know.

    PP mentioned Bailey's,  Bailey's is laid back, the food is good and cheap (burgers, steaks, chicken), they don't have a function space per say but have a room that looks like it could be seperate  from the others. That would be a straight shot down 119 about 15 min for your guests. Depends on how fancy you want to get (it's a nice restaurant, newer, but kind of like a 99)
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  •  snoangel79: The winery was nice, but the minimums are way out of our price range for the grand reception. We'd have more than 22 people so we'd have to go for that option. Moonstoons is also pricey from the menus I've seen online, and Fishbones and Bailey's are a little too casual for what we're looking for. 

    Gibbet hill Grill is by far the most convenient, but I thought initially that the price minimum was rather high. If all of these other places require us driving and still cost the same or higher, I'll stick with the Grill. Thanks though guys!

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    We had under the 22 for rehearsal at Nashoba so we did the room upstairs! The only other place I can think of which may be worth the call is Sprigs in Acton. I think they have a function space and the food is good! Not sure how price-wise they compare to Gibbet for functions.
    Actually look into these two places too!
    it's French and my MIL loves it!
    Both restaurants are a straight shot up 119 towards Rt 2 about 20 min from Gibbet.
    This one is in Concord so not sure if that's too far, but they have good italian food and function space, seems decently affordable too.
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  • In-laws paid for RD so not sure about the minimum.  We had 29 people, so I suspect that we would have been close to $40/person.  Worth cheking out.  We had a buffet and open bar.  Loved the private room, too.
  • Thanks guys! I'm realizing that I have to figure out which hotel we'd like to reserve a block of rooms at (for our bridal party and so-on) before deciding on a rehearsal dinner venue, if its not going to be at Gibbet. Don't want people driving all over the place when the hotel is already 30 min away! I'll look back at your suggestions when I do though. Thanks!

  • Your wedding is going to be awesome.  Gibbet Hill is amazing.  For rehearsal dinner, I second Kimballs if you want a relaxed fun type of thing.  Bailey's is great.  I eat there often and we always really enjoy it when we go there. 

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