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Photog Travel Fee

Hi folks...

Wanted to get some feedback on photographer travel fees.

When we booked our photog they said engagement pics were free but they would charge a travel fee if it was outside the immediate area.

We are thinking about getting our e-pics done next month in NYC, so I asked the photog (who is in the Poughkeepsie area) what their travel fee would be for NYC.  They said $200 plus other expenses like tolls and parking. 

That seems really excessive to me.  I plan to talk to them about it, but before I do I wanted to hear about the experience that others have had.  Is this "normal"?

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Re: Photog Travel Fee

  • vienna1121vienna1121 member
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    my videographer traveled from south jersey to tarrytown. his travel fee was 150 flat.
  • probablykateprobablykate member
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    Thanks for the info!  Anyone else have any experiences with photog travel fees?
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    That does seem extraordinarily high.  For an engagement shoot, our photographer includes travel within 30 minutes.  Beyond that, it's $100/hour (each way, of course).  I'd guess that'd total ~$100 extra for us if we were going to NYC.
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