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Venetian Hour or Not?

What has been the experience of Venetian Hour? Is it worth it or a wasted cost? 

Re: Venetian Hour or Not?

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    I've been to one or two weddings that had them, and while they looked delicious I'm usually way too full to eat any of it. I think they look awesome though, so if you do it I would have pastry boxes available for guests to take goodies home in.
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    I don't plan on doing it. If cost weren't an issue then why not - but personally by that time at a wedding I feel so stuffed into my dress and so full of food that the thought of eating sweets turns my stomach LOL
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    It was included in my package so we had it,but alot of it was left over bc everyone was full after the food and cake, so if its included then go for it,if not then dont worry about it.
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    We aren't doing one because we couldn't afford to. They are really nice, but I've been to weddings where they have them and I'm usually just too stuffed to eat anything else.
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    Can you opt for no Venetian hour at Villa Barone? does it change the final cost?
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    YES YES YES!! Love the Venetian tables. So much fun.
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    It's $5 extra a head about $1000 total I think its a waste but we may customize it down a little. It's not just the cost but more of the is it worth it? I think I like the WOW factor they put on more of a show and guests won't leave empty.
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    We had done a mini was still a wow factor without the added cost and excess waste! Not sure if they have that as an option but at FH they had included assorted pastries, cookies, chocolate covered fruits, and specialty coffees and after dinner liquors
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    I wouldn't spend the money on it personally. I think people are generally too full to really enjoy it, and would hate to disrupt the party in order to display food. No one will really notice if you don't have one.
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    I just talked to my venue about this yesterday!  Cost is an issue for us, but we wanted to do something extra for dessert besides just cake.  So, they are putting together a "modified" vienese for us.  Ours will be set up in our room (Our guest list is not where we thought it would be, so there is plenty of space in our room), and the party will not be stopped for people to get some goodies.  They will leave it out for a full hour, and if people want to graze, they can!
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    We spoke with Johnny at Villa Barone in Mahopac and he is Hooking us up with a Best of Venetian hour so basically the popular tables from Venitian hour. What a pleasure to work with EXCELLENT venue and service so far can't wait for the wedding.
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    We have two options one is the Viennese hour and the other being a three tier stand consisting of fresh fruits, cookies&pastries, and hot zappoles. In addition to five show tables which include, banana foster station, creme brulee, ice cream cart, exspresso bar and cordial station.
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