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North Shore Florists - Help

Hi Ladies,

I'm hoping you can help me narrow down my search for a florist. My venue recommends A Special Occasion, Wedding Flowers by Annette, Garden Designs by Kristen, and Petal's Inc. Does anyone have any experience working with any of these venders (good/bad)? Flowers aren't high on my list of where I want to spend my money, so also knowing who is budget friendly would be great.


Re: North Shore Florists - Help

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    Petals did the centerpieces for a birthday dinner party we had at the Lyceum last April.  They were gorgeous and not expensive for what we got!  We went to the shop to pick them up and the place was packed.  I asked her how many weddings she does and she said 200!  GL!
  • love2naplove2nap member
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    Hi! Flowers by Annette did all my flowers for my April wedding. I kind of have mixed feelings about my own experience but she came very highly recommended on this board.

    Overall, her rates were great and I was able to get everything I wanted without cutting anything. (I spent less than $2000 for everything, which was nice). She was very pleasant, flexible and easy to work with and always got back to me quickly.

    The only thing I really didn't like was the way some of my flowers came out. I didn't really like my own bouquet because it didn't really match anything else in my wedding or the other flowers... I had a spring corally pink color and my bouquet had none of my wedding colors in it-- mostly hot pink flowers. This was partly my fault because I went 6-8 months before my wedding to pick out flowers when I didn't 100% decide on the final shade of pink. We did pick peonies and other colors of pink flowers for my bouquet together. When I called to let her know the final color, I should have been a little clearer that I thought peonies would no longer go. So, we had a little miscommunication. However, the bridesmaid flowers were perfect and the right color (just pink tulips), just like I imagined.

    We also confirmed to have flowers at every tier of my wedding cake, but on the day of the wedding, I only had the flower cake topper. It wasn't a big deal because I was the only one who knew, but it was just a bummer ithe rest of the flowers weren't there...

    However, I had two floral arrangements that were on pillars for the ceremony that were absolutely STUNNING! She did an amazing job and it was so beautiful to get married right by!

    Overall, she was very pleasant and very affordable. She does business out of her house in revere so she's a lot more affordable since her shop is in her basement! If you're not picky and you're looking for someone who'll do a good job for a fair price, I would check her out. I would recommend to meet with her closer to your wedding day to pick out all the flowers and to be very specific if you have something you're picturing. Good luck :)
  • Meggie32080Meggie32080 member
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    I just used Petals for my wedding and they were amazing!  I did not want to spend a lot on flowers either. Cindy, the owner, made our arrangements look like we spent a lot on them...even my Dad commented on how nice the flowers were!

  • MisheyldMisheyld member
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    I would highly suggest Flores Mantillia in Marblehead.  Nancy the owner is amazing and does unique stuff.   I found Petals to be very generic and not very customer service focused and since it's not a true flower shop, you can only see photos not flowers.  Nancy gets ideas then runs aroud the shop to show you what the arrangement will look like.
  • michelle11988michelle11988 member
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    I think I'm using Flower by Annette for my upcoming wedding.  I met with her once at the beginning of looking at vendors and got distracted with another guy who does not seem to be pulling through.  She has been great to work with and I am meeting with her a second time this weekend :)

  • MelisMCMelisMC member
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    Thanks again everyone! I'm going to make my calls this week.
  • Blueyed228Blueyed228 member
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    I used Evergreen Florist in Stoneham and they were fantastic.  It was a pleasure working with them.

    Petals is doing my bouquet preservation.  It was expensive and takes about 6 months.  I will let you know how it turns out :)
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    I used My Personal Florist in reading.  I met with Annette and was not overly impressed.  Jody had tons of books of pictures for me to pick from and worked within my budget from the very beginning.
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