Bridal Fashion Alterations (Siena and Wen) in Wayland - reviews??

Hi everyone!

I made an appointment for my first fitting at the the seamstress recommended by my bridal salon, Bridal Fashion Alteration in Wayland - Siena and Wen. The woman I spoke with on the phone seemed really nice, but now all of a sudden I am getting super nervous about the alterations! 

I was only able to find a couple of mentions about them on google... has anyone here had any experience with them?

Thanks so much for your input!!

Re: Bridal Fashion Alterations (Siena and Wen) in Wayland - reviews??

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    jenvaletjenvalet member
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    I know people who have been very happy with Sienna and I have used her for other alterations in the past.  I would just make sure you ask her if the fit will be the way you want it once the alterations were done.  I had a big issue with her and ended up having to get a new dress.  I chalk it up to a communication issue. I had lost a lot of weight and she knew I was planning to do it.  Turned out that the dress I bought couldn't be altered enough to accomodate it, but she kept telling me it was fine.  I asked in the beginning if the dress would look good even if I lost weight.  She assured me she would make it fit perfectly.  No bride wants to hear her dress is fine, when it's not.  It took a lot of arguing with her to even get my dress back.

    She's also REALLY expensive!  I had it taken in, hemmed and bustled and it cose me $500.  My second dress, I did the same thing plus added cups and it only cost me $150.  I think the full review is in my bio.
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    laura030laura030 member
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    Hi Jenvalet,

    Thanks for sharing your experience... good to know!  I think I may look around a little more!
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