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Fred Marcus Photography?

Has anyone used them?  How was your experience?  And of course, how were the photos?


Re: Fred Marcus Photography?

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    I had a friend us them and they were pleased with the photos. I booked someone else. If you need any further suggestions feel free to reply here or send me a PM.
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    A couple of years ago, my friend used them, and we were going to as well but found that he uses too many photoshop effects on the pictures, despite how gorgeous they all are just naturally. that is our two cents. good luck!

    we used melissa lynn if you decide to keep looking.
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    I would love it if you considered me for your wedding as well.  You can see examples of my work in the portfolio section of my site,  Contact me if you'd like to discuss working together. 


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    I'd like to point out two things Ashleigh.

    1. Vendors cannot post on these boards.
    2. Your work absolutely sucks. Before you waste brides time I suggest you learn a little about photography. I mean your "main" image is some girls cheek with an Obama earing? You can obviously see you blasted a flash right in her face. You can't use flash on a black person. The reflections are too harsh.
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    I'm wondering the same thing - we met with them as well and had a great mtg. Anyone?
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