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I'm looking for a waterfront venue on the South Shore.  We're currently considering SeaDog & the Atlantica properties.  Barker Tavern is out because it's not on the water.  Ideally we'd have a location on the water with both indoor & outdoor seating.  Any ideas in the Scituate area?  Plymouth is too far :)

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  • We had our reception at the Atlantica.  It was fantastic.  I really couldn't have asked for better.
  • We're looking at Atlantica, but I've read some reviews that have me concerned...  They're my "safety" :)
  • Really?  What are your concerns?  I worked with Michelle and she was great.  The food was fantastic.
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    Here they are....
    • Online reviews about both Michelle (who I liked, but I like everyone)
    • Reviews on the food
    • Reviews on the service
    • Your guests use the same restroom as restaurant guests
    • No ocean air
    • No bridal suite
    • Seemed high pressure
    • Very traditional, we're not -- wanted something a little quirky
    I really want to find out if BeachFire is going to open again... Looking at a few other places.  Hopefully we'll figure it out by the end of the weekend. :)

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
    • Online reviews about both Michelle (who I liked, but I like everyone):  I thought she was great.  My only concern with her is at first I didn't think she really cared too much, but I was also planning way before our wedding happened and I think she had to focus on weddings that were sooner.  The day of she was excellent, very organized and took care of everything.
    • Reviews on the food: Our food was delicious.  We went with the filet and the swordfish.  Everyone complimented the food.  We went to another wedding there a few weeks later that was during the day and the food wasn't as good (but not bad at all).  They had cheaper options, maybe prime rib and chicken?  It was great to go to the free tasting and get all the courses to try out, plus free dessert.
    • Reviews on the service:  We didn't have any concerns about the service.  If any of our guests did, no one said anything to me.
    • Your guests use the same restroom as restaurant guests: yes, this is true, but I don't see how that's an issue.
    • No ocean air:  We got married on Sandy Beach in Cohasset.  Only our reception was at the Atlantica.  Guests can still go outside and enjoy the views of the harbor.
    • No bridal suite:  I didn't need one since I didn't get married there.  
    • Seemed high pressure:  I didn't have this experience at all.  If anything they seemed uninterested at first.
    • Very traditional, we're not -- wanted something a little quirky:  I don't see this place as traditional at all.  I think of banquet rooms/halls as traditional.  I don't know where else you'd have such a stunning view on three sides of the room.

    I wish you all the best in your planning.  I've never been to Beachfire.  I'd like to check it out sometime for lunch or dinner.  If you have any other questions, let me know.
  • Hi.  Not sure if you were looking for an "all inclusive" type site, but just above Atlantica is the Lightkeepers Inn.  This venue requires you to bring in your own caterer/bar, etc. However it is a BEAUTIFUL room - lots of windows - and has a better view than Atlantica.  There is an outdoor patio area that faces the waterviews where you can have your bar set up - depending on the time of year of your wedding.  There is a replica of Minot Light (The I Love You Lighthouse) slighlty below the inn where you can have an outdoor ceremony that is right on the water.  I highly recommend.

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