Looking for Couples to Renew Vows on TV!! Looking for love stories! (Northshore)

I am a producer of a exciting new wedding show and I am looking for couples that would like to renew their vows on TV. This show will be shown on Public Access, as well as the Internet and possibly Comcast On Demand and other Networks, (negotiating). You will also get a DVD Copy of the show and wedding, and professional photographs (provided by us, we take care of everything). 

Please send my an email telling me why we should choose you to come on this show. Does not matter what sex you are, same sex, committment ceremonies, renewels or weddings... Host of the show is an Ordained Minisiter and non denominational. 

We would like interesting stories. Whether you have been married 1 year or 50 years or not married,  anywhere in between.  May be for an Anniversary gift, maybe your Parents never got to have a 'real wedding'.   Maybe one spouse was being deployed and you had to run to city hall, and now would like a 'real wedding'.  We want to help, let us take care of everything.    What better way to say, 'I love you' than to say, 'I want to marry you all over again'! 

We will do a two part show on each couple we choose. Part one we will tell your story and part 2 will be the wedding. You will get photographs and a dvd of both the event. 

Please email us why we should choose you!   Thank you. 
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